about company


Armaghane Kamele Jonoub food factory under brand name of "Kolsoom Kameliya "started its activities to support agricultural production and food packaging by Taking advantage of the expertise personel and most progressed production line and advanced automatic machines able to meet many of the demands and needs of Iranian consumers by respecting the customer and produce variety of products with different flavour to compete with local and foreign similar productions on market.

Kolsoom Kameliyacompany supplies variety of spices such as turmeric spice for curry, red,black,white and black pepper, black and yellow cardamom, dried limes, refined salt, nutmeg, cumin, yellow and black cinnamon, coconut powder, roasted sesame are offered according to consumers order in bulk and retail.


site map


  Factory address: Minab, Km 12 road of Minab – Jask.
phone-ltr  Executive Manager: Mrs. Zakeri, “09179458601”
phone-ltr  Sales Manager: Mr. Khajehdadi, “09365752258”